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When setting The Breakfast Club up, we thought, what's the one obstacle that a women with children may have when coming to an event?  Without even having to think, we both said.... THE KIDS!!!  It was in that moment, we knew we had to offer a means of child entertainment with our events, so that anyone that wanted to come along, with children, could do so with peace of mind, and not have to find a sitter for a couple of hours.. and lets face it, if you're lucky enough to have a sitter once a month, you're really going to want to make the most of it, and have a night out, for at least five hours!!!

Meet Laura

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Meet Laura Ryan, our childcare professional!  Laura has a degree in early childhood studies, and is a qualified Montessori teacher.  She is up to date, and in line with all relevant and necessary courses, as set out by Tusla, as well as being fully trained in first aid, and manual handling.  She is also fully Garda vetted.


Laura is passionate about sport, but not just for the physical side of it, as it's the thrill of teamwork that really fulfills her!  Once she commits to a team, she gives her all, and it's that commitment and dedication that has led her to row for 'Team Ireland'!   Of course nothing is as important to Laura as her family and friends, and she loves nothing more, than to spend time with them, especially her own two children!


With all of the above attributes, and almost a decade in childcare under her belt, we can say with confidence that your children will be content and have some fun while you have some 'me time'!


The Breakfast Club is a monthly social event, combining speakers on topics of interest, delicious food, and FUN. We want to bring a touch of luxury to the lives of ladies who run the world (from home!), in relaxed, and friendly surroundings.


Whether its time to catch up with friends, make new friends, or simply have a couple of hours of time for you, The Breakfast Club is just what the doctor ordered!



Children placed in the child entertainment area, are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.  This is not a baby sitting, or child minding service, and the staff member at the area, is there to entertain your child for the duration of the event.  The staff member is not responsible for the safety, feeding or changing of your child.

We ask at registration on the day, a mobile number is to be left with the staff member, so that contact can be made, should an issue arise that required your attention.


Booking Child Entertainment

Child entertainment places are limited, so if you'd like to book a child, or children in, you can do so when booking your event ticket. A child entertainment ticket is €5 per ticket.  It really couldn't be any simpler..


The Children's area is in a partitioned area of the event room, giving you complete peace of mind.  So they're there, but not there!  They'll have toys and crafts to play with, and cartoons playing in the background!  


You're welcome!!



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