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Our Mission 

The Breakfast Club was the brain child of Naomh Geday and Sarah Bridgeman, both working mums, who realised that their time was no longer their own!  Between, working out of the home, working in the home, and raising children, personal time had become a comodity, which was something that had to change!  So they took action, and set up a monthly event, for ladies of all ages and backgrounds, to come along, and enjoy some “me time”!   Even if it is for just 2 hours out of a whole month!! 

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About Us

Naomh Geday

A Make Up Artist, with 15 years behind her in the industry (a veteran one might say!) 

Working everything from global fashion shows, TV shows, editorial shoots, weddings, private clients, and of course teaching the art of Make Up Artistry! 


Always has a keen focus on the individual person, with the ability to draw out a unique personality, with the stroke of a brush! (what kind of witchery is this?!)

Part make up artist, part confidence booster. 

Naomh has been known to bring women to tears, just by showing them how beautiful and unique they really are! 

Naomh has a true and unique appreciation for the individual, and how amazing all women are in their own ways. 

She wants to help women draw out these unique qualities and give them a better sense of confidence. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Naomh constantly has her finger on the pulse of what people want, and will always strive to bring the best products and services to the forefront. 

Sarah Bridgeman

Qualifications in both Psychology and Psychotherapy. Over a decade working in the field with vulnerable young people within the Irish Justice System. 

A change of direction saw Sarah focus her expertise on working with adults in a therapeutic setting.

 For the past ten years Sarah has turned her energy to educating others aspiring to have a career in the areas of Social Care and Health Care.

Sarah has a strong passion for understanding human behavior and emotions and how we can use this to drive us, be content and fulfilled (she could be the pied piper?!)

As a working mother of 3 boys, and a drive to do more, (show-off) Sarah is passionate about striving to be the "best version of yourself" and wants to help others find this balance. 

Sarah has an openness, and an ability to really listen on a level  that has always made it easy for those she works with, her friends and family to want to confide in.

She is a strong minded person who is not afraid to tell it like it is; passionate about helping others find this confidence in themselves.

Located in Ireland

Located in Dublin, Ireland here at The Breakfast Club we are passionate about promoting our own and #SupportingLocal.


What We Do

The Breakfast Club is a monthly morning social event for women who run the world (from both in and out of the home!!). 


It is for women of all ages and backgrounds to connect with each other and prioritise themselves even for a couple of hours.  


Our aim is to empower, inspire and motivate women through our variety of carefully chosen guest speakers, and for everyone to have some FUN in the process, in luxurious, relaxed, and friendly surroundings.

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Check Out Our Events

The Breakfast Club aims to run a monthly event.

Due to the current circumstances regarding Covid-19 our physical social events are on hold until Government Guildlines tell us otherwise.

In the mean time we're going ONLINE!