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Be Kind!

Kindness : The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Kindness is 100% my favourite trait in a person. I love that a show of kindness, can change another persons day, outlook, or even life, when the gesture means enough! I love that kindness can cost nothing (unless someone is being kind enough to buy me a pair of Louboutin Shoes), but can feel like a lottery win to the recipient!

Every morning, before the day undoubtedly ascends into chaos, I start it with kindness to my children. I’ll greet them with a smile and good morning, and tell them how good they look in whatever it is they’re wearing, and I can see it makes a difference to them, their mood, and their confidence.

When I leave my house, whether it’s on the school run, walking to the shop, going to a meeting, anywhere, I’ll always go out of my way to make eye contact with anyone I pass, and say good morning (or whatever appropriate to the time of day!). I see it each and every time I do, that it makes that person smile and respond – and for some, especially elderly people, can start a short conversation on anything, from the weather to some random piece of news!

I spoke to one elderly lady randomly in a supermarket a few months back, who was complimenting my children, who at the time were acting like wild animals, but she said lovingly, it’s great to see children with such energy! Our encounter turned into at least a 30 minute conversation, with her telling me that she used to be a seamstress in London, and worked with the likes of Rock Hudson, Vivienne Leigh, and Laurence Olivier! WOW, wow, wow!!! Especially as another one of my favourite things, is old movies, and movie stars of the 40’s/50’s, so this to me was a dream to hear!

And what is it about the kindness of strangers, which can, and has on many occasion brought me to tears, and believe me I’m not a cryer! It warms my heart endlessly, to see a person do or say something kind, or help a person out, purely to be kind and helpful – especially with all the madness, evil and terror in the world we now live.. maybe that’s why kindness means so much to me?! I don’t know about you, but even the likes of drivers pulling over to let an ambulance or fire engine pass, gives me a lump in my throat!! I love to see people helping animals, children being kind to other children and elderly people, and when the people you least expect to show an element of kindness, do, sure that tips me over the edge altogether!

My daughter is now the homeless person whisperer, which I LOVE about her – she has no concept of what the person is or their background, she just feels sad when she sees a person sitting on the street. She now goes over to the person, with coins in hand, and kneels down in front of them to have a little chat – THAT IS KINDNESS. Before Christmas, she gave a homeless man and his dog on Grafton St, €5 and her time. He started crying. I could barely breath, and still can’t even thinking about it, but I’ve never been more proud of her.

With all of this said, nobody is perfect, and we all have our off days, so it would be foolish of me to say, this is me every minute of every day, but I really do make an effort, and pass on to as many as I can or whoever will listen!!

Peace out! Naomh x

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