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Business or Pleasure?

So, you may or may not know but we are heading to the West! Yep, we launch in Galway at the end of this month. And, oh darn, that means a trip to Galway.

I spend a good bit of time in Galway every year, and to be honest I’d love to spend more. Whenever I catch myself daydreaming about winning the Lotto my thoughts usually drift towards buying a house in Galway. That reminds me..I never did the Lotto! In fairness I rarely do but each time I do I always assume I’m going to win! The stress is too much, and the disappointment too great when I inevitably do not win.

Over the years my trips to Galway have changed DRAMATICALLY! My first Galway experience without parents and siblings was with Derek (now husband), Naomh, and Paul (now Naomhs husband)...we were 18 and were thrilled with ourselves hopping on the train, checking into our hostel and heading off to have the craic!! There are stories that I won’t go into, but the gist is we had the best time!! I have been there on many trips since, these experiences have ranged from hostels, pints and bags of chips to amazing hotels, gorgeous wine and fine dining...all have been fantastic. I have been to Ladies day at the Galway races a few times but have never watched one race. I knew I was getting old when the amount of people on Shop Street at Race Week was too much for me, it took away from the Galway feel that I LOVE. All of my trips to Galway (apart from the times I seemed to be endlessly pregnant) involved Pints of Guinness, Music, Food, Wine, Craic, Sea, Guinness, Music, Food, Wine, Craic, Sea, Guinness, Music, Food, Wine, Craic, get the picture. Some of my best memories are in Galway.

…..And then the kids came along! So our trips are quite (VERY) different now! They still involve Guinness, Music, Food, Wine, Craic and Sea but not in the same ratios...and add in amusements, amusements, amusements!

Someday I will win the Lotto, of that I am sure...ish. In the meantime I am very lucky to spend as much time as I do there. When we decided to branch out and do events outside Dublin Galway was of course our first stop! And to collaborate with Brown Thomas is just a dream come true! The only thing is that every time I think of the event coming up on the 28th September I get an excited holiday feeling instead of a nervous with anticipation feeling.

We have two Galway legends at the helm, Mandy Maher or Catwalk Modelling Agency and Stylist, Niamh O’Donovan so it is no wonder I feel so excited instead of nervous. We also have Hyde Bar in charge of food and Cocktails! We are in extremely good hands and I really can’t wait. No doubt I’ll fit a pint of Guinness in at some stage too...Heaven.

Sarah x

Dad joke alert:

The US government has banned ice cream vendors selling 99’s.

It was reported as flake news (Marty Whelan..again! Sorry!)

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