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Life sussed out by 30??

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

I don’t know if I was the only one who naively thought they would have it all figured out by 30? As a teenager and a twenty something I genuinely thought that one day everything would just click! I would feel 100% confident all the time, I would know what to do in every situation, I would have found the perfect skin care routine to match my skin, my wardrobe would be full of on trend fabulous fashion and obviously my finances would be impressive to say the least??!! To give you a brief update...I am touching 40, I do not feel 100% confident about anything ever, I still have the same skin care routine I had when I was a teenager (which judging by the state of my skin and the new wrinkles I find daily I need to change urgently), and as for my finances! All I can say is thankfully I married an accountant because by money management skills are seriously lacking. They may actually be worse than when I was in my twenties which is disappointing considering I had visions of myself being a self made millionaire by 30 (doing what I don’t young mind focused more on the money than the actual earning of said money).

Recently I was sitting on the beach in Salthill, Galway, with my mother in law and sister in law, when I did the maths on how old the shorts I was wearing were. They were 15 years old. Who the hell has shorts in wearable condition for 15 years??? In my defence, they are only worn a handful of times a year, because of their size and the dodgy Irish summer weather. They are quite short..some might say they are too short for someone of my ‘vintage’. I love them and can’t imagine retiring them so watch this space, I will no doubt be sporting them when I’m touching 50! My point is, every year I keep an eye on Spring/Summer fashion with all the best intentions of ‘updating my wardrobe’ and every year I drift through the summer without updating it in any notable way. I still reach the last week of the month with no money left and nothing physical to show for the tumbleweed situation in my bank account. I might be exagurating just a bit..I don’t go around looking like a hobo (all the time)..I take the wise words of a good friend of mine, Super Stylist Sinead Keenan very literally and each season update my wardrobe with ‘a few key pieces’, that seems to do the trick for me.

It would seem that what I do tend to spend my money on is experiences, which is something I do feel I have ‘sussed’. So what if I have these experiences in 15 year old shorts, with dull dry skin. I must remind myself to set a reminder on my phone to update my skincare routine...I think we all can be sure that unfortunately this will not happen! The Future Beauty Show in the RDS in September is the place for me to look into getting some ‘tweakments’ to get my skin in order.

I really do enjoy my life and the people I choose to spend my time with. I feel, for the most part I make good decisions. Though as I am typing this my mind just got flooded with flashbacks of some of my bad ones..some terrible fashion moments, some mad hair moments, some staying up way too late having the ‘craic’ moments (although I wouldn’t change any (or most ) of those decisions) some poor judgment calls, some moments of madness, some losing my temper moments...oops! So, for the most part, perhaps I have it more ‘sussed’ than I give myself credit for...then again, maybe not?

Sarah xxx

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