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Old and New!

So it happened, I turned 40! How did that happen, and where did the last 40 years go?!

I had an absolutely brilliant birthday weekend – started with a birthday breakfast with my family, on the last day of school, followed by gifts in the school yard from my new and awesome mammy pals, then whisked off by my Hubbie to the beautiful Montenotte Hotel in Cork, while taking in the amazing Jenny Green with The National Concert Orchestra at the Marquee, and finally followed by a surprise birthday dinner and drinks (lots of!) with my childhood friends! I can’t complain about one single element of my life I’m glad to say!

As I now sit at the kitchen table, a little worse for wear, it’s the Sunday favourites that keep me going.. The Indo, a cappuccino, and something sweet (because I’m just not sweet enough!), but it’s this moment of quiet time that allows me reflect. Not just reflection on my exquisite weekend, but reflection on life so far, and all that is and has been in it.

I’m lucky, I’m blessed, I’m more fortunate that a lot! There’ve been plenty of ups, and plenty of downs too – but it’s the ups and downs that bring that all important life experience, that enables me to be the person I am today, which some like, and some don’t. I can live with either however, because I’m comfortable in my own skin, and in my own mind – FINALLY!

I realise that everyone else in my life have grown into their own person and ways too – some similar to me, some very different, but it’s the life path and choices we each make that defines us as individuals, for better or worse.

A weekend in four images!

I’ve also reflected on how literally “time flies”, and it doesn’t even have to be when you’re having fun! Time flies in general, because of how busy we are, and how caught up in life we get! If there’s one change I will make, it’s to live in the moment more.. absorb my children, my family, and make incredible memories for us all! Not by spoiling, but by taking and spending time.. a picnic, a trip to the beach, sitting in the car watching planes take off any land! It’s the simple things!

From a work point of view, I want to take more risks! Just this morning I read “I’d rather live in regret of failure, than regret of not trying.” This will be my professional mantra from now!

Naomh x

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