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To Swear, or Not to Swear!

I swear! (by the moon and the stars in the sky) – those of you in your teens in the 90’s will recall that song, and it will continue to swirl around your head for the foreseeable! Your welcome!!

For those of you who know me, you know how much I tend to swear! Cuss words fly from my mouth in every sentence, without any realisation whatsoever! In fact, I have to make a conscious effort not to, when around people I know I shouldn’t swear in front of!

So what is it about swearing?! Well for me, it’s not about trying to offend anyone, in fact, I’m even quite offended when swearing is used in an offensive capacity, or I find it utterly appalling, swearing at a child! (actually the amount of people of offended theses days, is something that drives me up the walls, but that a blog to itself!) but I swear, to add effect!!

I love to tell a story, with swearing thrown in, giving instant effect, and giving some extra umph to all the wonderful adjectives, which already do such a great job! Think about it though.. If I were to say, “it’s lashing rain out there”.. it definitely tells you, its raining, and that’s that. However, were I to say “it’s f&%kin’ lashing out there”, BOOM.. Yes it’s raining, but it must be really heavy, and it’s really p*%sing me off! Much better!

I also feel, like swearing helps me let off steam! Like a release of stress/anger/anxiety, when I tilt my head back, face the sky, and say F************K! It instantly brings me back to myself, and able to think again. Of course some might say a general shout or squeal will do the same, but I disagree!

I love now that we have the middle finger emoji to use in our texts. Long overdue I say! I’ve just checked my most used emojis there, and my top five most commonly used are, tears of laughter (good sign), eyes rolling up (plenty of gobsh**es around), brain explosion (because that’s how feel 90% of the day), middle finger (because its necessary), and what I call praise the lord hands (also a good sign!)

And really, I can’t be on my own here with this topic? Surely there are plenty of you out there that feel and do the same?! How brilliant would it be to go somewhere, where you know everyone there is just like you, not easily offended, loves to swear, loves the banter! A speakeasy of sorts! I’d be there in a heartbeat! If only I knew someone who set up events for like minded individuals....

Have a f**king super week y’all!

Peace Out, Naomh x

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