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  • TV & Movie Reviews - Week 10

    The Movie Maestro, Evan Wade First up this week is a movie combo of Mission Impossible 5 & 6. I went with both because out of the entire franchise 5 & 6 are the two films that have the most overarching plot and returning characters. They're also by far the best instalments in the franchise. I dropped off the MI movies after 4, which although it did have a very impressive and fun stunt scene atop the Burj Khalifa, the rest of the film felt lack-luster to me. My favourite MI used to be MI2 (which turns out was most people's least favourite) due to the John Woo style of action, the brilliant Hanz Zimmer score and the over-the-top madness. I also had a fondness for J.J. Abrams grittier and far darker MI3. But having watched the entirety recently and having finally seen 5 & 6 (Rogue Nation, Fallout) I was blown away by the vast jump in quality. Everything has improved, from the action and the cinematography, to the writing and the score. Even the acting and cast have stepped up a notch from the earlier days. 5 & 6  (2015, 2018) are spy action movies to rival that of the latest Craig Bond movies, and sometimes they even surpass them. MI veterans Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames return in both films as the witty tech team duo joined by series new comers Alec Baldwin and the fantastic and breath taking Rebecca Ferguson who's ferocious screen presence goes far and beyond that of any Bond girl. Sean Harris serves as both film's recurring anarchist villain with an eerily calm demeanour. in MI6 Henry Cavill joins the team and adds some incredibly powerful fight scenes to the mix. But the main star has always and will always be Tom Cruise. Especially in these latest two films. Now in his late 50's Cruise still performs all of his own stunts in such nail biting moments such as hanging from flying cargo planes to jumping across rooftops and hanging wireless from the edge of cliffs. The MI franchise is truly his and he has brought it a long way since 1996, 24 years ago. The plot is more intriguing than it's ever been and the fight scenes -especially vehicle chase scenes are extremely intense and gripping. If you haven't seen any Mission Impossible and don't fancy slugging through them all, you can certainly start at 5, move onto 6 and then look forward to what's to come from in the future. 2nd this week is David Cronenberg's 2011 drama/thriller A Dangerous Method. In 1904 a Russion woman named Sabina Spielrein (Keira Knightley) arrives at Carl Jung's (Michael Fassbender) clinic, seeking treatment for hysteria. Jung is eager to test Sigmund Freud's (Viggo Mortensen) theories on Sabina and successfully does so. Two years later Jung and Sabina meet Freud in person, and Jung takes over the treatment of Otto Gross, whose influence leads Jung to begin an affair with Sabina, contributing to a rift with Freud. I first saw this film in college in 2012. The only Cronenberg film I had seen at that point was his famous remake of The Fly, nothing like A Dangerous Method. However it still held that sexually charged 'clash between body and mind' theme that most of his other films contain. A Dangerous Method explores this theme among the backdrop of the golden age of psychoanalysis. Viggo brings the legendary Freud to life with his straight portrayal of the factual, sometimes smug psychologist who's theories of the mind are almost always rooted in subconscious sexual desires and fantasies. Fassbender (in the era when he had a new film out almost every month) delivers a greatly believable curiosity of lust through the relationship with his patient Sabina and their performances together are electrical at times. But Keira is the star of the show here with her incredible (and disturbing at times) performance as the mentally ill Sabina as she explores herself as a person and her own sexuality with that of Jung's. A Dangerous Method is as interesting as it is shocking and definitely worth seeing. Lastly this week is last years 2 season Netflix Original The Umbrella Academy. When a dysfunctional family of adopted superhero siblings, who were born to un-expecting mothers at the exact same time around the world, reunite to solve the mystery of their father's death, they soon find themselves having to deal with the threat of an impending apocalypse. That may not sound like your cup of tea, but I assure you Umbrella Academy is not just Netflix's attempt at Marvel-like superheroes. Based on a comic from 2007, Umbrella Academy delves into the world of turbulent family issues, but they just so happen to have powers. It's weird, it's whacky and it's a  whole lotta fun. It stars the likes of Ellen Page, Robert Sheehan (who is a delight to watch as always) and Kate Walsh. With a clever time travel perspective and time traveling organisation of assassin's, it's got incredibly imaginative situations and scenarios constantly wowing you. It might sound over the top, and at times it is, but it always stays within it's grounded realistic approach to the genre. And the choice of soundtrack is always perfect. It's definitely one of Netflix's best originals and totally worth checking out if you haven't already! Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is currently available on Sky & Now TV Mission Impossible: Fallout is currently available on Sky, Now TV and Netflix. A Dangerous Method is currently available on Amazon Prime Video The Umbrella Academy is currently available on Netflix.

  • TV & Movie Reviews - Week 9

    The Movie Maestro, Evan Wade First up this week is Martin McDonagh's 2012 crime/comedy, Seven Psychopaths. Marty (Colin Farrell), an aspiring screenwriter working on a screenplay, unwillingly gets involved in an underworld crime when his strange friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) abducts a mob boss' (Woody Harrelson) dog. Martin McDonagh, known for his fantastic 2008, In Bruges, created another fine piece of wacky crime fiction with this one. The wide variety of talent present in the cast, such as Tom Waits and Chistopher Walkin, compliment just how strange and colourful the LA crime world is. The standout performance in this film hands down goes to Sam Rockwell's hilariously weird portrayal of Billy with his odd phrasing, unpredictable actions and insane opinions. Seven Psychopaths is a very unique tale that often mixes themes of violence with profundity which results in a fun and insightful watch. Second this week is Armando Innuci 2017 comedy/satire, The Death of Stalin. When tyrannical leader Joseph Stalin dies in 1953, his parasitic parliament square off in a power struggle to become the next Soviet leader in a mess of bumbling and back-stabbing. Much like Innuci's other work, The Thick of It, The Death of Stalin presents a satirical glimpse into the chaos of government, but this time within the backdrop of 1950's lethal Soviet Union. The movie begins with a very funny scene of a radio broadcaster (Paddy Considine) struggling to get an entire hall of musician's and guest's to retake their seats and play the entire show again after receiving a phone call from Stalin requesting a recording of the performance. This kind of humour echoes throughout the entire film as the all star cast struggle to take Stalin's seat while also keeping their heads. Featuring Steve Buscemi, Jeffrey Tambor, Michael Palin, Rupert Friend and Jason Isaac, The Death of Stalin is a very humorous watch if political satire is your thing. Lastly this week is Netflix's 2014 historical epic, Marco Polo. Venetian merchant and adventurer Marco Polo journeys across Europe and Asia and ends up a prisoner in the palace of Kublai Khan, a fearsome 13th century Mongolian Emperor. Marco Polo was Netflix's attempt to combat Game of Thrones, but with a rich grounded historical setting instead of fantasy. Unfortunately this came about during what was arguably Throne's peak and most popular season 4. That, and there just weren't any dragons in 13th century Mongolia. Due to this, the viewership for Polo was low and coupled with its extremely high budget you've got Netflix's finger hovering over the 'cancel' button. And after it's 2nd season they did just that. A very unfortunate end for this series as it truly was a fantastically written and well produced show. Benedict Wong steals every scene he is in as the wise, ambitious and fearful Khan. Much like the earlier seasons of Thrones, Polo captures the intricacies and dangerous threats of navigating palace politics of the medieval era. But while the Mongols of that time were barbaric people, the show does not delve into as many random atrocities as Thrones did. When acts of barbarism are carried out, they are strategic and often called for. There are also some incredible one-on-one duels scattered throughout, but whenever the character of the blind monk, Polo's trainer, is fist fighting someone with one of the many styles he is an expert in, it is absolutely breathtaking to watch. With The Witcher recently taking the throne of Netflix's Originals, it's unlikely Polo will ever get a revival. Unfortunately it ends it's last season on a cliffhanger as Netflix didn't even give the writers a chance to wrap things up, but it is still very much worth a watch. Seven Psychopaths and Marco Polo are both currently available on Netflix The Death of Stalin is currently available on Amazon Prime

  • TV and Movie Reviews - Week 8

    The Movie Maestro, Evan Wade! First up this week is Martin Scorsese's 2006 crime/thriller, The Departed. An undercover agent and a spy constantly try to counter-attack each other in order to save themselves from being exposed in front of the authorities. Meanwhile, both try to infiltrate an Irish gang. The Departed is one of my favourite films. From the atmosphere, to the music, to the Boston setting and the punchy performances. Scorsese out-did himself with his tale of two men on either side of the law chasing each other down amidst the backdrop of the Irish mafia and the Boston police department. With an all star cast featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Vera Farmiga, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, Martin Short, Ray Winstone and Jack Nicholson as the charismatic and fearsome gangster boss Jack Costello, this movie does not disappoint in terms of acting. An intricate, well-weaved plot of honour and deceit accompanied by The Rolling Stones makes for a very enjoyable and rewatchable epic crime story. Secondly this week is Danny Boyle's 2019 romance/comedy, Yesterday. Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) is a struggling singer-songwriter in an English seaside town whose dreams of fame are rapidly fading, despite the fierce devotion and support by his childhood best friend, Ellie (Lily James). After a freak bus accident during a mysterious global blackout, Jack wakes up to discover that The Beatles never existed. Yesterday is a quaint story with a very interesting and unique concept that explores the question of what would you do if a major band disappeared and only you remembered them and their songs. As Jack begins to reintroduce the world to The Beatles' hits he also experiences the same amount of fame and popularity they did, but in a much shorter span of time. Featuring great renditions of various hits from Himesh, a great performance from him and Lily as his best friend/manager, a funny cameo from Ed Sheeran as himself, Yesterday is a fun, bittersweet movie that you can enjoy whether you're a Beatles fan or not. Lastly this week is Showtime's 2007 comedy series, Californication. A self-loathing, alcoholic writer must move to Los Angeles for the sake of his job. His life complicates further due to his writer's block. He attempts to repair his damaged relationship with his daughter and her mother while also combating sex addiction, drug abuse and the seemingly inability to avoid making bad decisions. It doesn't sound like a comedy, but it certainly is. Californication has become a timeless series, due partly to it's clever snappy writing, but mainly to David Duchovney's portrayal of the enigmatic, loveable and troubled writer who leads the life of a rockstar - Hank Moody. Even though the series is a (very funny) comedy it still constantly deals with themes of morality, legacy and family very well. Hank's hilarious sex and drug fuelled escapades with best friend and agent Charlie Runkle (Evan Handler) are levelled out by the harsh reality of the consequences of his lifestyle and choices. Unfortunately the series takes a dip in writing quality in the last few seasons, but the first 3-4 are fantastic and still tell a very well structured and self-contained story that's well worth a watch. The Departed and Yesterday are currently available on Amazon Prime Video Californication is currently available on Sky box sets and Now TV

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  • Home | thebreakfastclub

    Home Contact Us Privacy Policy Our Team About Us In The Media Gallery Film Reviews Events Tickets Marketplace Monday Search Results The Breakfast Club Social Events for Women TBC AIMS TO EMPOWER, INSPIRE & MOTIVATE WOMEN Join Our Events Reviews From Past Events "I really enjoyed The Breakfast Club experience. It's great to have a networking event such as this on my doorstep, allowing women the opportunity to get together, and share ideas and experiences. The mix of speakers meant there was something for everyone! I will certainly be attending the next one!" "I really enjoyed the first, very well organised Breakfast Club. Loved the chats with the ladies, and I found the talks to be current and insightful. Already looking forward to the next one!" "The Breakfast Club is ideal for busy ladies to sit, have a nice cuppa and to chat with other women about health, fitness & style and also picking up tips from experts in their field. A lovely relaxed atmosphere just what every 'Mum on the Run' needs.” Karen Clince "What I loved about The Breakfast Club, was it was an easy, relaxing atmosphere, yet you're gaining information from experts in their field, while enjoying breakfast!" Olga Lambart "If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done, this event was a great new experience for me where I met loads of new and wonderful people" Ciara Lawlor "Naomh & Sarah are running an AMAZING event which is great for all us mums" Elizabet Burton Jessie Carson Nichole Hughes

  • Children's Area | thebreakfastclub

    About Children's Area When setting The Breakfast Club up, we thought, what's the one obstacle that a women with children may have when coming to an event? Without even having to think, we both said.... THE KIDS!!! It was in that moment, we knew we had to offer a means of child entertainment with our events, so that anyone that wanted to come along, with children, could do so with peace of mind, and not have to find a sitter for a couple of hours.. and lets face it, if you're lucky enough to have a sitter once a month, you're really going to want to make the most of it, and have a night out, for at least five hours!!! Meet Laura Meet Laura Ryan, our childcare professional! Laura has a degree in early childhood studies, and is a qualified Montessori teacher. She is up to date, and in line with all relevant and necessary courses, as set out by Tusla, as well as being fully trained in first aid, and manual handling. She is also fully Garda vetted. Laura is passionate about sport, but not just for the physical side of it, as it's the thrill of teamwork that really fulfills her! Once she commits to a team, she gives her all, and it's that commitment and dedication that has led her to row for 'Team Ireland'! Of course nothing is as important to Laura as her family and friends, and she loves nothing more, than to spend time with them, especially her own two children! With all of the above attributes, and almost a decade in childcare under her belt, we can say with confidence that your children will be content and have some fun while you have some 'me time'! The Breakfast Club is a monthly social event, combining speakers on topics of interest, delicious food, and FUN. We want to bring a touch of luxury to the lives of ladies who run the world (from home!), in relaxed, and friendly surroundings. Whether its time to catch up with friends, make new friends, or simply have a couple of hours of time for you, The Breakfast Club is just what the doctor ordered! Reviews PLEASE NOTE! ​ Children placed in the child entertainment area, are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. This is not a baby sitting, or child minding service, and the staff member at the area, is there to entertain your child for the duration of the event. The staff member is not responsible for the safety, feeding or changing of your child. ​ We ask at registration on the day, a mobile number is to be left with the staff member, so that contact can be made, should an issue arise that required your attention. Booking Child Entertainment Child entertainment places are limited, so if you'd like to book a child, or children in, you can do so when booking your event ticket. A child entertainment ticket is €5 per ticket. It really couldn't be any simpler.. The Children's area is in a partitioned area of the event room, giving you complete peace of mind. So they're there, but not there! They'll have toys and crafts to play with, and cartoons playing in the background! You're welcome!! JOIN THE MAILING LIST CONTACT Ph: 0876363304/0876340578 Email: Facebook: The Breakfast Club, Ireland Instagram: breakfast_club_ireland ​

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    Home Contact Us Privacy Policy Our Team About Us In The Media Gallery Film Reviews Events Tickets Marketplace Monday Search Results Event Schedule No upcoming events at the moment You can also get your tickets through Evenbrite, using the link:

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